He, The Young Sarath Weerasekera

Sarath Weerasekara was privileged to have his primary education in Nalanda College and there onwards until he completed his advanced level to have studied at Colombo Ananda College. He showcased his leadership skills from a tender age, as a junior cadet and later on being appointed as the head of the senior cadets & was also a senior Prefect in Ananda college. He was also a bright spark in sports, becoming the Champion of the under 17 athletics team and was awarded the School Colours. Although he was selected to the university through the mathematics stream, by default he chose valor, fearlessness and courage and joined the forces, the Sri Lanka Navy over university life. While continuing to excel in his duties and display acts of bravery in the sea, he also became a shining star in the sports field of the Navy as he captained the football team. He also represented the Navy athletics team and the Navy Shooting Squad.

He, the military personnel

He joins the Sri Lanka Navy in 1971. Proving his commitment to the Navy, security of the nation and the mastery of his craft he goes to hold many positions during his tenure in the SL Navy as:

    • Commander Northern Naval Area.
    • Commander Eastern Naval Area.
    • Commander Sourthern Naval Area.
    • First Squadron Commander Fast Attack Craft.
    • Commanding Officer Surveilance ship Edithara.
    • Director General Project and Plans.
    • Director General Welfare.
    • Director General Operations and deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy.

Some of the most significant naval operations that Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera spearheaded:

    • In 1993 when more than 400 soldiers were held captive in the Punarin lagoon he volunteered to command the victorious naval operation that rescued them. During the supposed cease fire agreement when the Budhdha statue in Trincomalee was on the verge of being destroyed by the LTTE, he is the Man who literally broke all boundaries to save the statue.
    • He was also the one who gave strength to the army to combat the “nonawathina ralla” operation of the LTTE by sailing the weapon loaded ship undercover, all the way to Kankasanthurei.

Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera ends his naval carrier as Chief of Staff of the Navy in the year 2006.

He, the commander & leader

A trailblazer , a pioneer, a principled visionary leader who walks the talk.As the creator & mastermind of the Civil Defense Force, he was one of the 5 Commanders who was directly instrumental in ending the brutal civil war which spanned 3 decades destroying the lives of people, their livelihood & its economy,dragging the country down a bottomless pit and marked a historical victory, restoring true peace in the island. The Nation Salutes him for his invaluable contribution!

Sarath Weerasekera was Awarded a Honorary Doctorate by the University of Kelaniya for the excellent contribution made towards the victory of war.

He, The First ever Director General of the Civil Defence Force

By the recommendation of the then Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in the year 2006 Sarath Weerasekara was appointed as the first ever Director General of the Civil Defense Force.
Since then Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara did a revolutionary transformation of the Civil Defense by expanding the civil defense force from 19000 soldiers to 42500 soldiers and trained the soldiers to use a T 56 rifle instead of the weapon shotgun.
Subsequently they were given new uniforms & formal military training and were deployed as a prestigious armed force to be at the forefront in the battlefield, in threatened border villages.

He, the Artist

Gamani, The Untold Story of Valor of the village soldiers who rose to the occasion to combat the terrorists during the brutal massacring of border villages, was Sarath Weerasekara’s inaugural cinematic creation.

35 years of experience in the battlefield, being a true eye witness, a warrior and a bearer of the atrocities of war had enabled him to create a realistic cinematic experience for the viewers and it was widely embraced by the audiences island wide and was acclaimed by the world of Sri Lankan Cinema.


17 Derana film awards including:

    • Best Director, script writer and song writer

5 OCIC film awards including:

    • The best Director, best Script Writer, best song and best film of the year.

His Second Cinematic masterpiece will soon be gifted to his fans and audiences island wide, which is based on the story of King Wijayabahu the great, named as Shri Sidhdha.

He, the Writer :

    • The Ink that never dries,
    • The Pen that never stops writing ✍️!

From then to now he continues to pen down his thoughts on relevant, newsworthy, timely topics of interest, by dissecting them with his analytical mind, scrutinizing information to the minutest detail to create awareness to his people.
He condemned those who cheered negative, treacherous, radical ideologies and created cinema that belittled and ridiculed the soldier and the soldier’s wife’s mentality, unabashedly.

He is also a gifted poet who is well versed in literature and art.

He is the author of:

    • Sagaraya Saha Gahaniyak
    • Noothana paravi Sandheshaya thotagamuwe shri rahula himi.

He, the Patriot

The fearless voice who pioneered the Geneva battle!

When the LTTE diaspora compiled & tabled the 30/1 resolution to the Geneva Human Rights Commission, accusing our war heroes against war crimes, which was cosponsored by the Yahapalana Government, he is the man who discharged the first volley to safeguard our war heroes!

He, the Parliamentarian with sharp political foresight

The One & Only parliamentarian who stood against the 19th Amendment. With the wealth of knowledge, experience & expertise that Dr. Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara has bagged over the decades as a Warrior & as an Academic,he was the only member of parliament who had the backbone to stand against & vote against the controversial 19th Amendment which caused mayhem to the island nation, which was put forward by the Yahapalan government.

He, the learned visionary Mind

He was one of the visionary leaders alongside His Excellency the President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, who was instrumental in forming many organizations such as Eliya & Viyathmaga. And through organizations such as Jathika Ranaviru Ekamuthuwa, Jathika Sanwidhana Sammelanaya & Goleeya Srinlanka Sansadhaya he made his fearless, brave voice be heard at local and international arenas, to safeguard the sovereignty of the nation!

He, the people’s person:
A politician with a cutting edge

In 2010, by the invitation of HE President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Rear Admiral Dr. Sarath Weerasekara contested from Digamadulla to enter parliament to work for the betterment & revival of the people of Sri Lanka and became the first in the District and was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Labour & Labour Relations.

He was able to bring the Dayata Kirula Project to Digamdulla ,a poverty stricken difficult area and create a significant, impactful change through out the district by developing the infrastructure by way of providing water, electricity & road development, laying the cornerstone to create a period of renaissance.